Get connected.

As former college students and current ministers of the gospel on college campuses, we understand how difficult it can be for a college student to stand alone and live out their faith in Christ. It is very common for today’s college student to struggle with drunkenness, drug abuse, cutting, loneliness, depression—the list goes on. And if we’re honest, living a life with the purpose of honoring Christ is not the popular choice amongst college students.

The solution to this challenge is the local church. More specifically, churches custom designed to meet the needs of college students. As a network of local churches, we help college students come to know Christ. For those who already know Christ, we help them mature in their walk with Him, so that they might become lifelong, fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

The first two weeks on campus are critical in getting connected to a healthy community. The relationships established during the first weeks of being on campus are generally the ones who influence whether or not a student will grow in their relationship with Christ during their college years.

If you are a parent or youth group leader looking to connect your student to a local church that is focused on ministering to college students, please feel free to contact any of the pastors or staff at one of our campus churches. Better yet, come with them to church during their first week on campus. It is very common for parents to visit our churches while they are on campus with their student and we welcome you. To see which campuses we have a presence on, visit our Find A Church page.

College students will plug into a community. They may need your help getting plugged into a healthy community.


LT really grew me in character and my relationship with God. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience that I will always treasure.

Stevie, student who attended LT