Following the call.

Today’s college campuses are truly a cross-cultural mission field with a need for missionaries who will share the truth of the gospel in a way that connects uniquely with today’s college student.

The pastors and staff working within the churches that make up Collegiate Church Network are following a calling to reach college campuses with the love and hope of Jesus Christ. Because we minister to college students—a population group that doesn’t have the means to support our ministry—Collegiate Church Network partners with Reliant Mission in order to make it possible for these pastors and staff to work as full-time, support-based missionaries on college campuses. This partnership allows each missionary to be employed by Reliant, managed by leaders at their local campus-focused church, and be a part of a network of churches—Collegiate Church Network—that are all focused on the same mission and vision.

In this partnership, Reliant takes the responsibility of employing, training, and serving these missionaries as they raise a team of supporters. Once that process is finished, Reliant then releases each staff missionary to the collegiate church at which they desire to work. Reliant's employment of these missionaries ensures each one receives a competitive salary and benefits package, along with the ability to reimburse ministry expenses. This allows each of our local churches on college campuses to focus as much time and energy as possible on reaching their campus with the love of Christ.

Collegiate Church Network provides the mentoring, coaching, and church plant funds to help each of these local churches stay focused on their mission and vision of reaching college students for Christ. In addition, Collegiate Church Network hosts national events for our network of churches that help pastors, staff, and students in their spiritual growth in God.

If you are interested in learning more about how to partner with Collegiate Church Network or Reliant in supporting the work of these collegiate missionaries, please contact us or get in touch with the local church on the college campus you are familiar with and ask them for more details. If you happen to know the name of a missionary you’d like to begin supporting, you can visit Reliant’s Giving Page, search by missionary name and start giving today!

We couldn’t perform this work without the prayers and generous giving of the thousands of individuals who have partnered with Collegiate Church Network and Reliant to support the work of these missionaries. These supporters are champions, sacrificing what they can to support this work so that God might do something magnificent through this partnership.


This kind of church is completely different from the church experience I had back at home.

Carson, college student