You are the future.
What comes to mind when you hear the word “collegiate?”
Top notch sports programs? Ivy-covered walls? Out of control spring break trips? For us, “collegiate” has different meaning. We see the future. Leaders. Influencers.
What about the word “church?” Does “boring” come to mind?
Irrelevant? Old? Hypocritical? Greedy? Corrupt? We view it differently. We see God’s hope for the world. God’s intended means to influence this world. God’s intended means to lead His people.

Collegiate Church Network is all about the merger of these two ideas. We minister to college students by planting churches that bring the church of Jesus to the college campus setting in a relevant way. Having men and women who are proven in character, doctrine, and ministry skills leading each of these churches allows us to build into students during their college years and help them succeed in the real world upon starting their careers as leaders and influencers within their workspace.

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